One Word 2017!!!!

Looking back at what I accomplished in 2016; I guess it would be continuing to live through my life despite the hardships that I endured everyday. Although, I still need to finish some things that haven’t been with deal with for so long; mainly my true feelings towards my family. But, because of my experiences, I have grew to desire to see more of the world and learn to have a purpose in life.

If you could pick ONE WORD to focus on this year, what might that word be and why?

For 2017, my last year of highschool; only one word can describe it, “independence”.

How might  your ONE WORD impact your life?

Independence has always impacted my life to the point where I don’t rely on no one but myself.

How might your ONE WORD impact others?

I noticed that it may have an impact on my family, but I think it’s best to listen to my own desires instead of others.

Thinking about your ONE WORD, what question do you want to focus on for 2016?

It is really okay to move on?

What resources might you need to help you with your question?

I honestly don’t know, but perhaps our counselor may help with that solution.

How might you share your journey with your ONE WORD and focus question(s) all year long? The word “independence” has always describes who I am; it’s basically something that suits me.