What are you carrying?

I carry a lot of things with me physically and mentally. I carry Love, Secrets, and self confidence. It is kind of hard to keep things and carry them with someone and/or alone. The reason why I care love is because I feel like no one else can really give you love like you can for yourself. People may give you love or say that they love you but I think love is just a word until it’s actually proven to you by someone special. Love is very strong and passionate to have and to carry. The reason why I feel like people can’t really give true love to you is because you need to love yourself before loving anyone else.


Another thing I carry and like to carry is secrets. My reason for liking to keep secrets is to show people that they can trust me and show them the level we stand on. I personally like to keep them because I like when people can come to me for things they need to talk about, it makes me feel like a better person and it makes me happy. Most people don’t trust people with their secrets they have. Last year I had someone tell me so many secrets and things about their lives. I thought it was a privilege to be able to listen to someone and their life stories when they haven’t told anyone.


And to sum everything up, I carry self confidence. There’s a lot of reasons why I carry that. In this generation people will say a lot of mean things to bring you down and make you feel very ugly in and out as a person. I personally think that you shouldn’t have to listen to what any one has to say to you or about you. Everyone has their own beauty and flaws. If someone ever thinks you’re ugly, or different don’t listen to them because everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. When I was little Ihad a lot of problems and people would judge me for my size color and my flaws. Always keep your head up and never doubt or think different of yourself.

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