The things I carry

I carry a pencil I pretend to write with whenever my teachers want to focus on my work. I also carry a comb because I have hair. I also carry a roll of stolen toilet paper since this school is bad at providing it and an excessive amount of fruit roll up wrappers. The rest is work that my teachers hand back which I keep in case I forget to steal more toilet paper.

Daisy diary entry #2

Dear Diary,

This will be my last entry. Today was the day I was supposed to tell Tom that I never loved him but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I couldn’t stand to be there anymore so I left, and Gatsby followed right behind. Before we left I asked if I could drive. He agreed and on our way back through the valley of ashes a women ran in front of the car screaming for us to stop and was struck. Gatsby tried to grab the wheel but by the time his hands were on the steering wheel, I could see her body flying over the car. I wanted to go back but I couldn’t bring myself to. Gatsby tried to make me go back but I wouldn’t allow it.

After Gatsby assured me everything was going to be better I went to my room and locked myself in awiting Tom’s arrival. Tom had come home seeming to be bothered by something. He told me that we can leave all of the trouble I caused behind if I leave with him and forgot about Gatsby. I was scared and although I didn’t want to leave Gatsby I couldn’t face the fact that my world was beginning to fall apart. I needed to be a fool again, a beautiful little fool. I later received word of Gatsby’s death. The women that I had killed had a husband who believed Gatsby was the cause of her death. I was now responsible for two deaths and rather than acknowledging that I left with Tom. It was the day of Gatsby’s funeral and Nick had been calling multiple times trying to reach me but I couldn’t turn my back on Tom after all that i’ve done. I did my best to escape the pain that I had caused everyone else but I know they will still blame me because everyone thinks of me as careless and maybe they’re right.

Daisy diary entry

Today I met with Nicky at his house but I was surprised when when Gatsby arrived at his door. Nick invited him in which led to a duration of long unbroken silence until Gatsby knocked over Nick’s clock. He stumbled to pick it up and he became even more nervous than before. Nick moved to the kitchen and Gatsby soon followed and then shut the door behind him. Gatsby began to speak in a loud hush saying “This is a terrible mistake a terrible terrible mistake” believing that I wasn’t able to hear him. Nick tried to calm him by telling him that I was nervous to which I was. Gatsby came back out trying to clean himself up and we began to have a conversation. Time had seemed to stop until Nick made a loud noise disturbing the bond that me and Gatsby were sharing. Gatsby then stood up and said “I want you and Daisy to come over to my house” so we did.

Gatsby’s house was splendid and we spent the whole day engaged in its secrets learning more about his life and how he lived. Towards the end of the night Gatsby threw piles of the finest clothes from the second floor down towards the bed. I began to cry and when this caught Nick and Jay’s attention I simply replied that the shirts were beautiful. Nick then asked Gatsby about a photo of him and an older man. Gatsby said this was Dan Cody and then he began to show me clippings in a photo album that he had collected of me. The phone then rang and Gatsby was quick to tell the person that now was not the best time to talk. Gatsby is a good man but his attitude differs from one situation to the next.

Jordan diary entry

Today I met Nick Carraway who is Daisy’s cousin. He is also Gatsby’s neighbor despite the fact he is unaware of presence and in most cases he knows nothing of the man. He is a shy man but that does not prevent him from speaking during times when silence is necessary. I learned this when Tom’s mistress called at diner which caught the attention of Daisy. When I tried to get him to shush he persisted on questioning me about Gatsby.

A more personal interaction with Nick was when I driving and insisted on teasing my driving skills. He said I was a terrible driver which I responded with ¨It takes two to make an accident¨. He asked what i would do if I met someone as careless as me and I told him ¨I hope I never will. I hate careless people. That’s why I like you.¨ This response created a somewhat awkward silence. Nick is an interesting person not like the rest. He isn’t rich but this also means he isn’t so egotistical which is hard to find amongst the groups of people I associate with.-Jordan Baker

Island Civilization


Dear Earth,

I am sorry for the way that we as humans have treated you. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t exist and thrive yet we choose to neglect you and show no appreciation towards. Not only are we not grateful but we are also hurtful. We don’t care about the environment and its creatures. ¨We no longer belong to the natural community; we’ve checked off the ark¨.

I can’t promise that humans as a whole will change but I can promise there will be significant improvements because people have finally become aware of the fact that we will not thrive if we continue to act like we do. people really want to see you improve and some people have taken steps such as decreasing their amount of pollutants, focusing on wildlife, and preserving nature. We also decrease the amount of things we take and focus more on giving back.¨We’ve historically demanded too much of a planet we supposedly share with other species¨.

One word 2017

In 2016 I started to learn German but never actually got far into it but I’m proud of the fact that I started and that I was able to get basic pronunciation. Last year my grades were also below what I wanted but I only have myself to blame for that. I had all the resources I needed to succeed but I chose to neglect it which only hurt me. In the new year I want to learn more German and improve my grades. That’s why I would say my one word would be improvement. Improvement to me makes me want to try harder to improve myself to be better. Besides improving myself improvement can be a word to inspire others to work harder to achieve more.To actually put my word to use Ill need to focus or else I will just be wasting my time like before.