American Dream

My American Dream would be not to have any worries in life, to be able to go anywhere I would like , to be able to do anything I want to do. Not having to worry and stress about money for school. Knowing i’m going to be successful in whatever career I choose. Being able to grow as a person and becoming  a Independent african american.

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    1. I worked in the restaurant business for many years and I am not aware of any restaurant jobs (including managers and general managers of stores) that provide health care at this time.Most grocery stores only provide health care to salaried employees (managers only) and most retail outlets follow the same policy.If we boy cot every chain that doesn’t provide health insurance to the employees (including Pre-schools and Pre-Kindergartens, restaurants, grocery stores) we might not be able to feed ourselves.

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    3. dit :Le vol c’est l’acte de s’approprier le bien d’une autre personne contre son gré, et sans raison légitime de le faire.Tel que prévu, tu as marché dans le piège a « hourst », merci Pourquoi être libertarien ?In a nutshell, parce que le socialisme est inhumain et que le libertarianisme est la seule philosophie politique qui est éthique et moralement juste:Ce n’est pas éthique de demander à l’État de commettre un geste qui, sur une base individuelle, vous apparaît comme moralement répréhensible.

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    6. This is the first question a man ask me when I go on a date in a new city or country. I am always honest about my passion in travelling. I dont think I could be with a guy who never travelled at all or not speak a 2nd language hahhah. I do tell the boys, if I meet the one ..whoever this person be, maybe I will stay.. Who knows? My clock isnt ticking! Lolol Cheerio!

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    9. ABG, I don’t know what to say really. I guess you can be cool with anyone as long as you all have things in common and that it’s nothing else going on like you mentioned. I’ve had my share of stud and femme friends, and each has pros and cons. It’s really who the person is. And I don’t like using the stud an femme terms either, just used them for the sake of the post.

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    4. Victoria, I think that what you noticed is a product of extreme diversity. The many different constituent parts are so different from each other that no one identifies with the whole. India has many religions, languages, racial types, separate IQ bell curves. The Chinese feel that they’re a nation, so they have some loyalty to their state. Not so with Indians. This should affect future geopolitics.

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    6. The next stage is epidemics. That's being reported now, but of course this is the white media and they're devils, so don't trust them when they talk about infections started to take hold. Can't be true.In any case, I'm sure the Africans who are rushing aid to Haiti have this under control. No room for the United States. Damn the white devils and their white devil water, food, and medicine. Plagues on the earth, they are.

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    4. Worse than denying the significance and finality of mortal life on earth, the doctrine of purgatory denies the significance and finality of Jesus Christ's life of obedience to God's law and the sufficiency of his death on the cross to turn away God's wrath from those come to the Father through Him. The teaching of purgatory is a mockery of God's righteousness as revealed in Christ.

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    2. Fiat currencies must die for their to be any justice. The Fed’s ability to prestidigitate money out of fairy dust, gives them incredible power. This is too much power for any organization. The fact that the world allowed this to happen is the real disaster. Asset based currency keeps people honest and is a real store of value. Many moons ago the American H2 Association made a suggestion that US dollars be backed by kW/hrs. Money is energy and it must be treated with respect. Look at what derivatives have done to us!!

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    8. Just remember that GDP is a single years product. They could be back on their feet in 4 or 5 years if their consumption was moderate and they worked hard.US Debt is a single years product. Like having a 100,000 dollar a year income and borrowing 100,000 to buy a 100,000 house. You need to be responsible and all, but you need to be responsible even if you don't have that debt. The important thing is what you do with the money you borrow.

    9. Two questions:1. Does "gross unsanitary conditions" mean there were 144 of them?2. Is it just me, or does "failure to minimize vermin" make you think they were allowed to keep a few? Shouldn't the Health Department mandate that you eliminate the vermin?

    10. Apreciadas hermanas cada vez que encuentro algo para compartir con ustedes es porque ha sido de mucha bendicion en mi vida y por eso me encanta cuando publican lo que mando al rincon y mas con esos “piropos” tan alagadores que me hacen sentirme muy bien.Muchas gracias a cada una, que aunque a la mayoria no las conozco es como si las conociera de siempre y se que es el Amor de Dios que nos une…. Alabado sea DiosSaludos , besos y abrazos desde COSTA RICA

    11. Jeg sverger til de gammeldagse julekortene eller julebrevene. Det er ikke alle som fÃ¥r langskrevne kort, men mine beste venninner, samt yndlingstanter, fÃ¥r fine, hÃ¥ndskrevne kort med personlig hilsen 🙂 Og sÃ¥ synes jeg det er sÃ¥ godt Ã¥ fÃ¥ slike selv :)Marit

    12. می‌گه:چه اعتماد بنفسی. یه طوری به خودت اجازه دادی روی نظریات محترم همه کاربران قضاوت کنی انگار فرستاده خدا هستی.

    1. What a thoughtful analysis of your own! Thank your for sharing. I hope you’ll become a regular recm/reaomdenter at Smackdown. That kind of comment really deepens our coverage. Bryce

    2. You’re very welcome. I labored over a cover concept for my first novel for months, just as a suggestion, and the publisher came up with one we all liked better, 12-0. Most jacket artists design dozens of covers and know how to appeal to readers both in bookstores and online. It’s truly a talent. (BTW, predominantly red covers do best in a bricks and mortar setting, thus the prevalence of red detergent boxes in the supermarket.)   1 likes

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    4. See how deficient the students are when they receive unearned placement in colleges? MoldYou can thank affirmative action,racial quotas, and lowering standards so hood rats like dr.queen can make it into college.BTW, obama is the worst president ever.check the numbers.

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    4. Shouldn't an adjustment be made for the increase in two-income households vs. one-income households from 1967 to 2007? I believe as the number of children in the household was decreasing, the number of income earners was increasing. I don't see how we can compare 1967 to 2007 without accounting for that factor.

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    6. sy lulusan dip akaun dr politeknik sesi jul 09.mslhnya skrg sy still x ambil muet. Jika sy apply ipta utk sesi jan11, adakah prmohonan sy akn dpertmbgkan? dan sy akn ambil muet utk sesi awal thn dpan.p/s:….bla upu akn kuar plak dlm mase trdekat ni utk lepsn dip?????

    7. How come when I post here, my comments are always “awaiting moderation”? Don’t you trust me (evil laugh)?It’s what I do behind your back, and hopefully out of the public lime light, that you should really worry about ;=.After all, doing evil is only half the fun, blaming others for what you have done in the act of covering it all up is the true cats meow.Oh well keep up the (gag) “good” work!

    8. Apart from the first and last image, just a load of old fashion macho advertising with women gyrating around the car suggestively. How very 20th century! Like the car though, but a Mini or Fiat 500 it ain’t.

    9. Mr Donovan, Oscar Jones has been very keen to promote the interests of Mr Monte for some time, although he might just be a friend for all I know or care.I have half a dozen email addresses and if I want to I can use half a dozen IP addresses – these days I can’t be bothered.I am not saying that Ian and Oscar are the same person and I don’t care, just that your method of determining them to be different is not very powerful.If one IP address was say Telstra and the other Optus then you might have a point.

    10. Jeremy,Great question. Being Gospel focused is something I have really been thinking a lot about lately. There really isn't any curriculum that is in my opinion Gospel focused. We have used 252 for 5ish years now and like it, but what I plan on doing in the near future is take month long breaks to do more gospel focused lessons I will write myself.

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    3. Det er forferdelig når det står på . Og dessverre smitter man gjerne hverandre i en familie , så sykdommen går sin rundgang før den blir ferdig. Og da er som regel familie ganske ferdig og;)) Men baking og koselige hjemmesysler trekker jo opp . Man får bare tenke på at det er for en periode . Snart blir de store og da kanskje vil man savne disse sløve , men koselige dagene , hjemme? God bedring og tvi tvi for at det blir sykdomsfri bursdagsfeiring!

    4. Thanks for all the comments – Michelle – I agree! I don’t think it a coincidence that next years conference is called “Revolution” – its time.Tia – I’m so glad my blog can be of value. I love that you bring a fresh perspective, clean designs, etc. I’m completely into the “try it and see” approach, willing to go for any venue that might accept me.Laura – I thought your post on training was really interesting. The problem with SNAG is that is not enough of a focus on interesting work, regardless of who makes it and what their background is. But I think the more people who bring that work to the group, the harder it is to ignore.

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    6. Any thoughts that Russia is new and improved over their Soviet past, are entirely mistaken.Putin speaks on the occasion of “The Day of Security Officers is marked annually on December 20, a day when in 1917 Bolshevik rulers created the CheKa secret police to suppress their foes. After a string of transformations, the Cheka became the KGB.”Separating the Soviet past, from the current Russia, is a fool’s errand.With the constraints placed on political free speech, both in the media, and from private citizens, shows Russia to be the same old bad, bad bear.

    1. la bl0rf³sÃega&#823o; Hace pocos días Mariano Pesce contestó uno en el cual tenemos que compartir de que paises vienen nuestras visitas, y sin dar vueltas decidió pasarlo, por lo cual, tras ingresar a mi cuenta de Google Analytics, he

    1. Chtairsinity has been Judasized to the point it is no longer even a Viable Religion. These Judases in the media have gutted Christianity of Any and All useful White Values.The TEA Party needs to become a Political Party or it will continue to operate aimlessly on the margins. Whether the Demoncraps or the GOP become the new Whigs voted out of existence is immaterial. The TEA Party must become a Real Party in order to be relevant…

    2. Aidan: “I’m getting tired of Bill repeating the assertion about the private sector desiring to net save. There’s no evidence for it, and relying on it diminishes the quality of his arguments.”There is evidence of a desire in the private sector to net save, namely, the fact that it does. Does anybody, or any institution, force people to net save? (Arguably, the payroll tax in the U.S. is forced savings, but I do not think that it is counted as private sector savings. ) The default assumption is that people who are not under duress or compulsion do what they desire to do. We can argue about that, but that takes us into psychology and philosophy.

    3. Try something journalistic for a change. Ask Tamblyn for an on-the-record statement about the measures Kobo takes to ensure markup and copy quality before books are sold to customers. Prediction: The answer won’t surprise you.

    4. “Buzz” Aldrin non è per niente basso. Ho avuto la fortuna di incontrarlo due volte nel 2006 (la seconda era in compagnia di Keir Dullea, un altro celebre “astronauta” che spero molti di voi ricorderanno). Sarà il personaggio, ma mi è sembrato avesse la statura di un gigante.Ha ancora quella luce nello sguardo che viene dall’avere compiuto un’impresa memorabile.

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    7. Hello,I am so confused about Abruzzo and it’s place in my family’s history. I know we have family there somewhere (Chiodi) and would love to find out some more about the place. Is there are clue within the book about where my family came from? Will I be intrigued enough to go there and search in person. I would love something that fired up my soul enough to spend the thousands of dollars and go and finally search for the answers.Thankyou

    1. d1giazmnA! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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    4. Vale por tudo !Pela ideia, pela aproximacao e carinho a quem vive mesmo mal, vale pelo trabalho conjunto com o meu grande amigo chalana e vale pelo arte fotografica que tao bem fazes! Muitos Partabens e continucao de bom trabalhoUm abraco Cristina Costa

    5. I almost didnt recognize her!! She looks great. This is not Jennifer Hudson’s hair style lol the Stalkers will find anything to make look like Beyonce is copying off someone. She cant win for loosing!!! Jen Jen has never rocked this due like Mrs Carter is here…Mama is weeerking it! *Snaps fingers*

    1. Antonello, come sempre riesci ad entrare nella mia scrittura e a captarne le profondità, le sensazioni, ogni sussurro. E’ bello sapere che ciò che si scrive arrivi dritto al cuore del lettore. L&tm;172e8pa#ia che si crea tra scrittore e lettore non si genera solo grazie alla capacità di chi scrive ma anche e, soprattutto, alla sensibilità di chi legge.Grazie, te ne sono debitrice.

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    1. 220–12012 Great post, Marcia. Congrats on meeting your ROW80 goals. I’ve started a daily to-do list. While this is nothing new to most people, it’s something I’ve rarely used in the past, but now that I’ve using it regularly, I love it. It helps me focus on my WIP, which is the first thing I do every day. And because I’ve made this list, I’m not worrying about what I need to do while I should be focusing on writing. Duh, should have tried this years ago, LOL!And I love Hootsuite.

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    2. TO: br549RE: What’s Happened?”I remember reading a few years back where women were putting off marriage and children. Some opting to never have children. Career aspirations were a higher priority.I never followed the trend to see what changes, if any, have transpired.” — br549The result is that they have removed their genes from the proverbial gene-pool. For many of them, they are no longer able to bear children; something about ‘old eggs’.Regards,Chuck[Look upon it as evolution inaction. — Niven and Pournelle, Oath of Fealty]

    3. Dear Tabatha and family so sorry for your loss. Hold on to the memories of your precious one. She was a really sweet woman and I know she really loved her family. Look to the Lord in this time He will provide for your every need.Trust Him.Sincerest sympathy,Dave & Linda

    4. Hubby is asleep, so I HAD to link up and check out if you liked my package! I am SO happy that I got you and Erin as swap partners. Thanks for hosting the fun, and I'm so happy to know you both! "Believe in the magic of the season!"

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    7. that his 12000 students (note, not 12000 pairs as our version of Gemara Yevamot says) died from "shmada". That is, shmad, meaning a violent death at the hands of non-JewsAbout Lag B'Omer being the anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem– it makes a lot of sense. Do you have any particular sources backing this up?

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    11. Sonja, look at the big picture of triathlon. You might come out of the water 5 minutes back on the swim but your run is stellar and right there you can easily make up 5 minutes. And really what’s 5 minutes if it’s 5 quality minutes, so you are efficient and not burning unnecessary energy. If you swim a 1:05 but you are efficient, then you have made it. Efficiency over speed can win the race too. Just keep that in mind. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Marcus, No apology needed. Robert didn’t &#&n20;wi28#8221; – he was predestined to go. Had I been selected I’d be asking if the prize was transferable. My next trip to my homeland of Texas I’ll see about using that discount. Currently, I’m exhiled to Sterling, Va. And what was the tune playing in the video? -SamSam’s last blog post..

    1. I note that the Google Apps for Nonprofits program has lifted its restrictions on religious nonprofits, particularly churches, pataciiptring. Will YouTube lift its similar restriction as well? Religious groups do a lot of good for communities, including caring for the poor, running schools, and so on. Which is why the government extends 501c3 status to them.

    2. Thanks for sharing your experience, sounds like you guys managed to find a perfect example of the target use case for MQs. MQs can be a powerful tool for architecting scalable systems if you understand when and how to use them correctly. I think every developer should strive to understand them, when (and when not) to use them and how to integrate them as part of a larger high performance and reliable setup.

    3. andydbrownBy far the best freshly pressed post I have read to date! A clear picture of God’s grace lived out through your life. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Thanks for sharing your life here with us. May God continue to bless you and your son, Vasco. I pray that God continues to blow your mind on this trip to Ethiopia and continues to reveal Himself as even bigger than you think! (Ephesians 3:20)

    4. He de reconocer que para mí la fecha del 14 de Abril, como los días que lo rodean son mucho más que jornadas para recordar. Todo esto es muy emotivo.Lo que siento es que tengo la impresión de que no somos tantos los que conocemos esta celebración.En cualquier caso siempre bastará con dos republicanos para tener una buena charla.Un fuerte abrazo Rafa

    5. Julie LG and Tami Reller's appointments are only temporary. A massive re-org (either timed to Ballmer's retirement or sure to follow in his replacement's first quarter) is a certainty. I hope you are right. Otherwise, this ship be sinking, that's for sure. An AA hire with no engineering background is now heading the company's flagship division? This has to be a joke, or as you say, temporary.

    6. Ja, nog har det släppts många storspel under årets lopp. En trend som vi väl får hoppas håller i sig i framtiden. Men blev Darksiders verkligen ett storspel? Har inte hunnit på det själv men måste se till att inhandla det, mellandagsrea kanske Ps, lägg gärna till länken till Årets Innovation på i länklistan i inlägg!

    7. Good article Walter, my personal favourites were Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe and his hard boiled side kick Archie Goodwin.It was a great bridge between the seminal Holmes type private detective and the Philip Marlow/ Sam Spade hard nut.Also I always find the idealism an emerging technology of thirties the ideal time and setting for a crime story.

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    9. glad its not too serious…i think pau will be traded soon i would like to see a coaching change 1st however and put pau in the post….where he belongs…its going to take time no doubt theres only one ball…. but doing EVERYTHING the hard way and with the offense we run making zero sense with the personnel we have it will be an uphill battle…what about using pau as a “back up center”? starting jamison at PF then have pau/hill/banks/meeks/a steve (hopefully nash)? with browns perpetual revolving door substitutions he may as well try it

    1. Thank you PemFd/ejorrdan for keeping on being our beacon of nordic light. Hope you have found a peaceful place to keep up doing the good work!/Kalle

    2. that torturers and cat burners didn’t feel any empathy for their victims, but I think if that were true people would regard torture as a boring if sometimes necessary occupation, but that’s not true. It was a source of amusement and delight. Part of it could have been a desire for people to demonstrate what badasses they were, but I’d doubt if that’s the whole story and it’s not clear to me why such a desire should atrophy.

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    8. Più rivedo questo video più lo trovo incredibilmente efficace. Fra l'altro non è solo un esempio di un diverso approccio alla comunicazione da parte di due aziende, ma anche indice di come moltissime persone intendano la "buona grafica", cioè piena zeppa di roba che tanto nessuno leggerà…

    9. Wazzup Fellow Writer, What you ?just written here rellay have me interested up to the last sentence, and I hafta say to you I rarely finish the entire post of blogs ’cause I often got sick and tired of the junk that is presented to me on a daily basis and then I just end up checking out the pictures and the headlines and so on. But your headline and the first few rows were exceptional and it right on the spot tuned me on your stedle. Thanks for tearing me out of this boring world! Thanks, rellay.

    10. I don't really care on a personal level – but I'm enjoying watching all the hype. And you certainly did pick the coolest of the cool memorabilia here! I'm a sucker for a Union Jack and I love the modern punky art. I just watched Exit Through The Gift Shop recently and it has me wondering what Banksy's tribute will be.

    11. El PP ha olvidado aquellas palabras de Aznar de otro tiempo. Ahora, como ellos no están en el poder y hay indicios de que se acaba, hay que machacar, pisotear y humillar.Si lo que se pretende es el fin de la violencia, consigámoslo sin poner pegas.

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    2. That’s the hardest thing Mr Robert Colton, for this man is so keen on hiding his past. But he make a mistake, big one when he mentioned by his own word that after the second marriage of his mother with Lolo Soetoro, he already become Indonesian. So the factor and key is not birth cerfiticate but his nationality records. For me this is too funny to had Indonesian citizenship during those era and that Indonesia had law that strongly forbid that at that same time. Look also his School registration by Tatan Sulfyana AP correspondent and this shall reveal the truth.

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    1. We have been treating Madhesis as second class citizens for long time. This has to be stopped. First of all Army and Police should begin hiring more persennol from Madhesi group.

    2. Ah daj no! Najprej nas rajcaÅ¡ z njimi, potem poveÅ¡, da jih ne prodajajo več…pol jih spet, pa je veliko povpraÅ¡evanje… :wink:  Napotki pa so zelo dobro napisani in resnični! In Å¡e to: You’ve been tagged! Poglej si kako in kaj na mojem blogu.

    3. i dont know about angeles city but I’d rather go to kabul than pattaya..but if you need to party i suppose it’s the place to be if your idea of fun and fun people is smut and hoo’eers If it’s a more innocent kind try one of the islands,especially Chaweng in Koh Samui As for money,again it depends on your needs……5ooobht you’ll live like a king for a day all in …much less if you dont want extras or are paying bar fines………I understand the phillipines are pretty much like thailand except much cheaper

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    7. Great job Jack! I coach church leaders on studying their community (I am the author of Church Unique, How Missional Leaders Cast Vision and Create Movement). This video is a great example of not only of cultural exegesis, but of communicating the process to others. I look forward to showing this to others as an example. May God richly bless your vision.

    8. I recently found the collected short stories of Mark Twain at a garage sale. Last night I read “The Story of the Bad Little Boy” and found it hilarious, reminding me so much of the CCSD.I’ve only begun to search the new web site. But do click the icon for the Board at the top of the home page. The photo of the board plods in mystery, attentive to the lectern, wrapped in white oak, and ready with a close escape door.

    9. Love this. It’s so true, that in these technologically-full days we have two personas: the real us and the screen version of us. Something to think about – how do I want to be perceived? How am I being perceived?

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